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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hand made Ceramic from Ribeira Grande and Lagoa, São Miguel, Azores

A tradition in hand made ceramic ware from both Ribeira Grande (Cerâmica Micaelense) and Lagoa (Louça da Lagoa). These two factories have unique designs and do not compete with one another.
Dating back to the 1860's their designs are painted in cobalt blue on a white background. Today, the designs are being updated with new colors, however the pieces retain their traditional form and designs.
This is a video production of the local television station RTPAçores, in Ponta Delgada. Enjoy!

São Miguel: Cerâmica Vieira e Micaelense, resistem na Ribeira Grande e na Lagoa (som, fotografia e vídeos) - Notícias - RTP Açores

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