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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Sabores das Ilhas - Culinary Program on the Gastronomy of the Azores

If you have the time and understand Portuguese, this is a wonderful program about the cuisine of the Azores - We enjoy it and hope you do as well!
Se tem tempo disponível e fala português, este é um belo programa sobre a gastronomia dos Açores - Espero que lhes agrade como a nós!
The theme of this first program is the "Cozido das Furnas" that shows the preparation of the various ingredients in the in the volcanic cooking process of this typical gastronomical delight from Furnas, São Miguel, Azores.

Below the video are some photos of myself and my cousin at whose invitation I enjoyed the afternoon, first visiting the site at the hot springs at the lake in Furnas, where we viewed the food being taken out of the ground prior to being brought to the restaurant at the Terra Nostra Garden Hotel.
With the meal, we enjoyed a red wine from Pico island, Terras de Lava Tinto.
We topped the afternoon with a chilled mixed drink, Furnas Cocktail, made with passion fruit liqueur (Maracujá do Ezequiel) and a top grade scotch whiskey.
Great food and libations, and of course, wonderful company!

Plate as enjoyed at the Terra Nostra Garden Hotel in Furnas in 2007
Author's cousin Álvaro Lemos 2007
Author José Alves 2007

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