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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

One Hundred Years of Tradition

Festa do Espírito Santo – San Diego

Sunday, May 16th was the beginning of activities for the 100th celebrations of the Festa do Espírito Santo in Point Loma, San Diego.
Evelyn Feliciano, President of the Centennial Festa, had the brilliant idea of starting the activities at the the Tunaman's Memorial on Shelter Island. It was a simple ceremony, “honoring those that built an industry, and remembering those that departed this harbor in the sun and did not return”.Antony Mascarenhas.
Some six hundred people attended. Especially wonderful,was seeing the number of families with their children, a sign that the “Festa” is alive and well as well as the members of the community that have made the “Festa” such a special happening.
The event was started with the playing of the national anthems of Portugal and the United States, followed by the Alva Pomba, by the Filármonica União Portuguesa of San Diego.
Evelyn spoke of the significance of the event, followed by the Rosary, with Father Mel Collier. Participants included the Festa Queen and her Court.
To finalize the event, a pyrotechnic show exploded over the San Diego Bay with coordinated music. This was a great throw back, when fireworks were a part of “Festa” activities.
Congratulations to the Feliciano Family on a great start to what will be to be a memorable 100th anniversary of the "Festa do Espírito Santo".

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Katie Alves said...

Great job dad keep up the great work.

Um Corisco said...

Thanks Katie. It was fun being at the Tunaman's Memorial again.