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Monday, April 2, 2012

Macau Documentary

Sian Richards introduces this series capturing the sights, sounds and flavours of Asia. Macau offers up an intriguing blend of Portuguese and Chinese cultures and traditions, which is reflected in their cuisine - a curious mixture of Indian, Malay, and African together with the Chinese and Portuguese influences. We dine on a summer delicacy, Pork Minchi, a dish that typifies Macau's multicultural nature. Sian takes in the world-famous dragon boat races, samples Portuguese-Cantonese pastries, and wanders into a traditional Chinese medicine shop - where ancient herbs and powders are mixed to cure all ailments

Documentário sobre Macau que está feito com gosto e direcionado para o mercado internacional. Vale a pena ver.

View in full screen to appreciate. Ver em ecrã inteiro!

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