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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Author as Juan Rodrigues Cabrillo - Capitol, Sacramento 1977

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Um Corisco said...

Mary R. Giglitto accompanied myself and Debra to Sacramento. I was replacing the personage of Cabrillo, Paulo R. Goulart, who was not able to go.
The trip was made on :Air California. I was not able to carry the sword on board of the plane. It was checked as baggage. As we started to deplane, we noticed that the sword had fallen off the baggage cart and was run over. Mary and I were in horror, expecting that the sword was broken. It was not, only slightly damaged. We were able to straighten it and go on to the Capitol and announce the coming of the Portuguese tall ship Sagres to San Diego.
As we went to lunch with the San Diego Delegation, Cabrillo in full uniform in the streets of Sacramento heard from the passing ladies,"I just love a man in uniform".