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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Azorean Alliance - Historical Synopsis Aliança Açoreana

Azorean Alliance - San Diego
A Community Socio-Political Organization

The Azorean Alliance  (Aliança Açoreana) was founded in San Diego, in 1975. The new organization’s aim was to support the political, economic and cultural interests of the Autonomous Region of the Azores as well as to assist all Azoreans living in California to better their socio-economic status. The Azorean Alliance never supported any independence movements and was, and is today, all encompassing to Portuguese from all parts of the Portuguese-speaking world.
From the onset, its by-laws created a dual faceted organization, political and social, allowing it to participate and support political activities in California that it deemed productive in the advancement of the community. It is believed, that the Azorean Alliance was the first Portuguese organization established in California with such high socio-political aims.
Its founders, immigrants and sons of immigrants from the Azores represented various facets of the community.
Today, the Azorean Alliance is singly a social organization. It maintains alive many Portuguese traditions, especially those of the Azores. The make up of its membership made up of immigrants, and second and third generation members of the Portuguese community in San Diego.

José Maurício Lomelino Alves
In Capelinhos – a Volcano of Synergies – Portuguese Immigration to America

Founders Aliança Açoreana
José Maurício Lomelino Alves
Olinda Bretão Dias Arnold
Manuel Bettencourt Domingos
Benildo Dinis Ferreira
Mary Alice Rosa Goncalves
Paulo R. Goulart
Pedro R. Goulart
Fernando Manuel Machado
Arnaldo L. Neves
Manuel Quaresma Machado
Mário Telles Ribeiro
José Machado da Rosa
José Martins Serpa
José Vitorino Silva
Rui Cesar da Silva
Francisco R. Soares

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