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Friday, October 22, 2010

Caloura, São Miguel, Azores

Caloura is a well established area of summer estates, vineyards and a small fishing port. For over five hundred years, it has been a chosen location for the people of the island of São Miguel to spend their summers, enjoy the ocean and most importantly, Caloura's micro climate.
During the sixteen century, two nuns from the Caloura Monastery in the island of Sao Miguel, Azores, went to Rome to ask for a bula for their monastery. Pope Clement VII conceded the bula and presented the two nuns with a gift of an image of the Ecce Homo (Senhor Santo Cristo).
Historical, Caloura was a choice location for pirates to come ashore on the island due to the areas many caverns, making it easy to hide. For this reason, it was decided by the Counts of Vila Franca to have a monastery build in Ponta Delgada to house the statue. Over the years, many miracles have been attributed to the Senhor Santo Cristo.
Today Caloura continues to live up to its reputation. Due to being near the most populated areas on São Miguel, it is now offers choice hotels and modern small estates, a small beach, and great swimming and diving.

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