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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Oficina Museu M.J.Melo - Capelas, São Miguel, Azores

Oficina Museu - Artesanato M.J. Melo, is a private concern, built by the Melo Family, it does not receive any subsidies from the government. The property was an empty field when purchased and is maintained and expanded from insignificant fees charged to view the museum.. A true work of love, it well represents the various enterprising activities as they were done in the 19th and 20th century in the Azores. Some of the displays are from still existing business that have been upgraded, and that have donated their store fronts and equipment to the museum. Artisans work while the visitors tour and there is a small souvenir shop, where well chosen and affordable items are available. Of special interest are the artisans that make the traditional nativity scene statues and houses, as well as the fish scale and onion and garlic skin arrangements, much appreciated by the locals and immigrant community. 
It is a must visit location to relive and learn how things were done in the past.

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