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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Câmara da Ribeira Grande Promotes Forum - Sister Cities a Bridge to the World

During my visit to São Miguel, I was invited by the President of the Municipality of Ribeira Grande to attend the Sister Cities Forum that was being held. It brought together to discuss common bonds and needs the cities of Sommerville and Fall River (USA), Laval, (Canada), Ribeira Grande, Santo Antão (Cape Verde), Ribeira Grande, Santiago (Cape Verde) Lagos, (Continental Portugal) and Porto Alegre (Brazil).
A protocal was signed between Ponta Delgada and the cities of Lagos, Algarve and Sommerville, MA. Additionally a three way assistance program was signed between Ribeira Grande, Santo Antão (Cape Verde), Ribeira Grande (Azores) and the Regional Government of the Azores.
Presentations were made by each city and discussions were held and discussions on the advantages of  the sister city program was held.
This was a wonderful opportunity to meet the various representatives and to exchanges ideas.
Although I was not able to attend the final day of meetings, it was a well designed event, whose benefits will be visible in years to come.
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 Fall River, East Providence,

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