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Monday, February 13, 2012

IN THE NAME OF LOVE - Humberta Araújo

I will
reopened the windows to make known
how the sun ecstatic savors the silky meadows
where the ashes of my dreams lay
scattered in every corner of the island
for you
I shall walk the rusty memories
undress those fears so long hidden
stuffed on the cracks of every stone wall
I shall rip those veils
to make known how the land shines
when the ocean comes on the shores of her mouth
thirsty of waters
while its moans awakening the core
of the land
by grief and liberation.
I shall unveil every birthmark
each shadow of untold sorrows
I shall bade your body
with the semen of the earth
natural fountains
we will become one
with the warm kiss of the land
on a Fall afternoon!

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joana said...

Tão bonito ! Cheira à Terra.... ao musgão a essa pedra onde nasce verde...

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