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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Power of the Spirit

San Diego's Saint Agnes Church is included in the book and counted with the participation of Donna Alves Calhoun, Virgina Correia and José Alves on behalf of the Portuguese Historical Center.

Great and exciting news, “The Power of the Spirit” is almost here.
Power of the Spirit, a history of churches in California, either built by Portuguese, or where Portuguese immigrants played a major role in their development into productive parishes and community gathering centers.
It has been a labor of love, filled with obstacles and research difficulties - seven years in the making! We finally see the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel; the “Power of of the Spirit” manuscript is due out to the printer on March 30th. 2012. Publication and availability to the public are expected early Summer.
As with the other books in our Research Collection, Power of the Spirit will be published in a Deluxe Edition, and promises to be an intriguing capture of the spiritual fortitude of the Portuguese diaspora in early California.
The book focus is two fold: a) The church buildings, their pastors, their history and how they came into existence; b) The human stories, the drama, the sacrifices and indomitable spirit of the Portuguese communities in early California.

Be sure to follow our blog at www.PortugueseBooks.Org. for updates on the exact publication date of this important book.

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Anonymous said...

Bela foto da Igreja de Santa Inês, que na tranquilidade e simplicidade da sua elegantíssima alvenaria de um branco puríssimo, convida a entrar, a ajoelhar, a rezar.

Um abraço,
Edmundo Macedo