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Monday, December 5, 2011

THE LAST WHALERS - A lifestyle of the past

Produced by William Newfeld, WBN Productions, in 1968 and the New Bedford Whaling Museum, this video exemplifies a lifestyle that ended in 1984, when the Autonomous Government of the Azores adhered to the international ban on whaling. A trade brought the Yankee whalers to the Azores, it became a way of life, not only for the people of the Azores, but also became a stepping stone to the immigration, illicit and not, that followed.
Today's Portuguese communities in the United States, can trace their roots to these brave men of the sea.
This video has to be seen in the light of the time it depicts and in no way is representative of the today's Azores, where a very important new industry of whale watching tourism has been introduced.
It is however, worth the 20 minutes you will spend, viewing this lifestyle of a bygone era!
And when in New Bedford, be sure to visit the Whaling Museum.

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