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Thursday, June 14, 2012


In the 1980's San Diego had a tuna fishing museum, entitled Tuna Hall of Progress. Organized under the auspices of the Portuguese Historical Center and coordinated by the late Captain Anthony (Tony) Mascarenhas, it was located near the 10th Avenue Pier, in the grounds of the then VanCamp Seafoods Co. cannery, where today's Del Monte Foods unloading docks are located, across from Petco Park.
The concept was that of Cpt. Mascarenhas, and it was through his efforts that all of the funding was achieved, through the donations of the cannery, tuna boat owners, tuna boat captains and allied industries.
It truly represented the tuna industries achievements. Unfortunately, due to the times, the Portuguese Historical Center was forced to close and dismantle the museum. Many of the pieces were returned to their original owners, some items are on display at the PHC and yet other items can be seen at the Maritime Museum of San Diego, that now houses an exhibit on the tuna industry, that was coordinated by the PHC.
When visiting the the museum, look for the two large propellers on the street level, originally part of the Tuna Hall of Progress.
As an offshoot of the Tuna Hall of Progress, Captain Mascarrenhas also coordinated the design and founding of the Tunaman's Memorial on Shelter Island, San Diego.
And in Tony's words...
"Lets go on a tuna tour in the tuna capital of the world, San Diego,  California ..."

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                                              Tuna Hall of Progress Brochure

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